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Social Media Oppression

FMG enjoyed around 150,000 views last month and "being frank . . . " views were up over 300 percent. (No clownin') Now FB has started tagging us for alleged copyright infringement claims without legal basis ... like youtube has been doing for some time. Understand, all videos are comprised of properly verifiable licensed components and original content. The objective is to trigger service agreement violations that would warrant a shutdown and preclude monetization of the content. I hope that my liberal friends and arrogant Never Trumper pseudo intellectual neo-conservatives are happy with the fascist environment that their hatred, weaponized sensibilities and arrogance have wrought.

Understand, they are the hardest on those who helped them ascend to power having proven themselves ... "persuasive." History has shown that they execute their co-influencers and reprogram their detractors. Me now. You later. #blueintheface #BeingFrank #blueintheface #FMG ___


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