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Should be "former" Biden Chief of Staff, Ronald Klain’s, retweet of NBC’s Stephanie Ruhle’s characterization of the OSHA/Department of Labor Federal Vaccine Mandate as the “ultimate work-around” exemplifies this Administration's lack of impulse control and understanding of and concern for our governing Constitutional principles. But, rest easy. The President’s Chief of Staff lauding an attempt to get around the Constitutionality problems with the mandate … now puts it in even greater legal jeopardy. You see, part of the balancing test in evaluating the Constitutionality of a statutory and regulatory scheme will necessarily include consideration of the underlying intent of the legislation. Spoiler alert … intending to flagrantly violate the Constitutional prohibition of such measures won’t be helpful to their cause. But, you see, this is simply another example of where liberals make no bones about the world being their ‘tricky place’ where your rights are gleefully violable by their imagined ‘smartest-boy-in-the-class’ deceptions.

In announcing his vaccine mandate … the President said that ‘we’ are running out of patience with the unvaccinated. Never have the American people been so threatened, maligned, and put at risk by their own President. Tough words from a Commander-in-Chief suffering from premature regulation. Sorry, Joe. Can't clean this one up with Kleenex. #FMG #beingfrank #blueintheface


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