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Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Have you read the Inspector General's Report concerning FISA abuse? I am working my way through it. I also listened to Inspector Horowitz' testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The report is not at all what the legacy media portrays. In fact, it was anticipated to be so damning that CNN didn't carry the testimony yesterday. That's right … they didn't want to show it to you ... and it was damning. When asked about James Comey's comments following the release of the IG Report that he was 'vindicated', the Inspector General said that no one involved in the FISA application process should consider themselves 'vindicated.' The report identifies seventeen (17) material acts of omission and commission ... including altering documents and fraud … by three (3) investigative teams. Was it Departmental gross incompetence or intentionality?

Every American has a stake in this. Read it and decide for yourself … unless you're still comfortable letting others think for you. Here's the link below the video ...


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