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Data Without Doctoring After Dark

Data Without Doctoring After Dark Dr. David Owen 7/24/2020

Nighty Report: Very sl. improvements in the numbers state wide and in tri-county area. Most impressively is the general bed availability in PBC, between 16.2-67% which, one could argue is normal for end of season (ie. no stress whatsoever on the system). ICU beds sl. improved and widely available in PBC. Dade and Broward with stable ICU bed numbers, but continues tight. General beds improved in both counties and are widely available in some areas out west. Statewide 22% of general beds are available, 16.6-18.8% ICU beds are available, and 19.5% of beds are covid. These numbers are all improved very slightly from this morning.

The media still has it wrong, well, at least I don't, yet!! Data continues consistent with no major spike, rather flat curve when you use 21 mill population as the denominator. ___


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