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The Scientific Origins of CoVid-19

The declassified summary of the intelligence report concerning the origins of CoVid-19 tell us a whole 'lotta' nothing. But, like so many things caught up in the through-the-lookinglass-liberal-spin-cycle we are all supposed to continue to ignore the cover ups and lies attendant to the origins, treatment, and prevention of The Virus. For far too long we've been expected to shut up, line up, and roll up our sleeves while ignoring the virology laboratory adjacent outbreak, the stunningly curious lack of interest in the identity of Patient Zero, viable therapeutics and the recent revelations concerning American taxpayer funding of Chinese Communist Party gain of function research. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that it's all part of a plan.

It's the science of subjagation. #beingfrank #blueintheface #FMG



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