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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen

Morning update: New trend lines upward are in the process of being formed, for sure. But again, please note that the number of deaths in our populous state is still quite low and that so far is good news. In fact, the state death rate continues to fall at approx. .04 per day, now at 1.64. The rates ticked up slightly in all three counties however. Hospitalizations continue to remain a problem in all three counties but overall capacity is not a problem for which I applaud the hospitals. PBC still remains in good shape with sl. lower general/ICU bed usage (73/76) and between 7-40% of ICU beds and 20-30% general beds available at our largest hospitals. Broward is tighter at 82/87, a slight improvement over the past few days, with between 9-30% ICU and 3-40% general beds available. Dade difficult due to underreporting, but is running 10-30% ICU and 15-30 general bed availability in their largest hospitals. PBC with HI at approx. 15.26% continues to get closer to that 20% minimal HI threshold which some have posited as effective. All in all, PBC remains stable, Dade stable but elevated and Broward sl. worsening. Not too bad at this point and nothing compared to what NY NJ went through, thank g*d. Good job DeSantis and even kudos to the liberal MSM which provided some much needed non biased news this am locally on the stability of the pandemic. We'll see how low the weekend numbers are (which we expect) and then how large the bounce is next week. _________


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