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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen 08/09/2020

Morning update: Basically your typical weekend report which is good news (the key word being "typical"). Relatively few deaths were recorded but the assigned dates haven't been provided yet. Hospitalizations are down in Dade and Broward and stable in PBC. Interestingly well over 1/2 of the statewide deaths occurred in Dade and Broward so the state numbers were very low, on par with pre-"spike" levels!! % covid positivity continues to trend downward, below 10% consistently but I, for one, do not use this as an important indicator as the MSM has.

The recording of tests is now too inaccurate to use this number as anything more than a trend data point, not a serious number in and of itself. I think labs are not equipped enough to differentiate new from old cases and they all continue to be lumped together. This will cause the number of positive tests to decline at a much slower rate, which I believe we are seeing, since many people who are positive will retest positive on several occasions. Also, remember hundreds of thousands of people tested positive are now clinically negative and in convalescence phase. And finally, the idiotic quote of the day from one clueless teacher in Orlando: We're not going back until there are no more new covid cases. No wonder our kids are so dumb.

And finally, again, ED/FSED visits and admissions continue in a significant downtrend. This all suggests a real downtrend in the pandemic which probably peaked the 2-3rd week of July. We'll see next week with the catch up numbers. ___

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