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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen 08/08/2020

Morning update: Pretty much stable continuation of the trendlines with decreased covid hospitalizations, increased bed availability (usually happens over the weekend) and decreased ED/FSED symptom presentation and admissions. A larger than normal number of deaths was recorded to the week of July 16-20 and the expected ramp up of deaths is seen in the period July 23-27th. For the first period, this trailing statistic confirms the increased mortality associated with holidays/demonstrations/large groupings which occurred over the July 4th three day weekend. And of course this also supports the fact that the original spike in mid June was secondary to the holiday/demonstrations over the end of May. Demonstrations matter, people!! It is clear as day, when you examine the mortality data subsequent to the testing and hospitalization spikes which had occurred earlier. The MSM and politicians can deny this all they want but the data confirms my points.

As there are no holidays/new demonstrations/gatherings forecast until Labor Day I predict the M&M numbers should continue to level out, if not decline slightly like they are doing now. What we still are NOT seeing is the Armageddon predicted by the MSM and the clueless PH officials they choose to interview. Bed report for tonight will show sl. improvement continuing. ___


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