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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen 08/04/2020

Morning update: Hopefully Facebook will allow this post. They are apparently aggressively censoring people this am. Very confusing data this morning. Deaths, as predicted caught up from the low numbers over the weekend with approx. 245 new deaths reported from July 6 thru today. We have three days with over 140 deaths, July 13, 16,17 with the latter two likely topping 150 over the next few days. The first half of July will likely remain well under 150 cases per day. These are not bad numbers when the MSM predicted significant worsening from the 4th.

Hospitalizations remain equally confusing as bed usage increased in all three counties but the number of covid patients in each county continues to decrease significantly. I guess they put these patients in pediatrics. I just don't get it, perhaps these two data bases update at different times but the date and time of latest reporting of these data bases are the same. Although the MSM will freak out over today's numbers, most of this is simply catch up reporting of events which occurred a few days ago and is not real time. So, what to conclude?? Well, considering decreasing ED/FSED usage, decreasing covid patients in the tri-county area and stable death rates I believe we remain at a plateau with suggestion of decline, but no evidence of any further spike. ___


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