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Data Without Doctoring

Dr. David Owen 07/01/2020:

Morning update: So far, so good twenty (20) days from the beginning of the massive spike in positive tests. Death rates continue to fall significantly in the state and tri-county area with the state at approximately April 10-11 levels. Our counties probably matching the levels more toward the end of April, but who cares … looks good from that perspective. Hospitalizations continue to be an enigma. Published daily state and county data really seem to me to be showing: downturns in Dade; with stability (but elevated) in PBC; and a noticeable uptrend now in Broward.

The Miami-Dade Covid project shows significantly higher hospitalizations in all three counties with Miami near 1000!!!. This is astonishing as I have Miami well under five hundred (500), which I admit is only an estimate. Examining several specific data points in their grid shows vast discrepancies (to me, anyway). For example, they give a delta, reflecting the admissions vs. discharges for each day. But, this does not result in a corresponding decrease or increase in the number of hospitalizations for the day. So, if, say two hundred (200) patients were discharged in Dade over two (2) days, the total hospitalizations only goes down by twenty (20) patients, not the two hundred (200). I just do not get where they arrive at their numbers … from hospital spokespeople with verifiable totals, or from (heaven help us) more modelling. At any rate, they only update their data semi-weekly at their leisure (I kid you not) ... so desperately needed real time daily numbers remain elusive.

I will query this data base often and I thank the Sun-Sentinel for leading me to this.


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