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Data After Dark

Data After Dark Dr. David Owen 08/22/2020

Night report: Bed availability waxing and waning in the tri-county area but these changes are almost certainly due to non -covid patients. The number of covid beds in the state is really tapering off now, as is the number of beds in each of the counties in our tri-county area. So covid cases does NOT account for the sl. rise in bed utilization in the tri-county area and this continues to be good news. %covid positivity has plummeted to 4.19% in PBC, which, if confirmed for the next few days should allow for a safe reopening for in- class schooling for the 31st of Aug. Statewide this percentage is well below 5% as well. Broward ICU beds availability is no longer considered critical anymore, but we'll see if this holds.

Again the majority of ICU bed utilization is non covid at this point. Conclusion, continued evidence of declining pandemic. What the new baseline is, is anybody's guess but lower we go!! Now would be a great time to stress the system a bit with greater restaurant utilization, church/syn/mosq openings, entertainment venue openings, all within CDC mitigation guidelines. And finally, I think the decline in cases is not due as much to HI, but rather to the good behavior of our community in keeping it covered!!! ___


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