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Data After Dark

Data After Dark Dr. David Owen 08/19/2020

Night report: No overall changes in terms of bed utilization with the usual increases seen during any week. Covid bed usage continues to decline significantly with %covid beds down to 11.41% statewide. Covid hospitalizations continue to tail off in Dade and PBC, less so in Broward so the increased bed usage is for the expected non-covid reasons.

Apparently the governor read my post this morning and is considering phase 2 for the tri-county area. Honestly I forgot what this entails- a testament to how useless this is, considering we all know how to distance ourselves (?!) and have been doing so successfully for the past few months. As long as we behave, the numbers come down, it's that simple. I really think the medical system should prepare itself for the possible spike in cases when schools reopen, perhaps, as an example, even going so far as to hold off elective surgery et. al. during the week or two after the reopening.

It is very clear that without HI, the pandemic will rear up again, once people congregate. ___


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