Congress Needs A Mommy

I don't understand liberal Washington. I know that I'm not alone. While I am looking over the current Coronavirus Bill being considered by the House and Senate, I am having difficulty with the argument that it 'isn't enough'. Best I can figure, that conclusion has more to do with the political opportunism of 'you did it wrong' and 'it's your fault' rhetoric. This was employed last time, as well. The problem with that argument is that sensible people see it as a dodge and fiscally responsible / conservative people see it as prudent.

When my son asks me for money … I give him an amount and tell him if he needs more to come back and ask … and be prepared to account for what I previously gave him. But, swamp creatures don't operate like parents. They operate like children who need a mommy and daddy very badly. The bill contemplates over one trillion dollars in spending … that we don't actually have to spend. Maybe we should take it one step at a time before we're ripped off … yet, again … by the voracious double talking Washington swamp monsters.

I'm pretty certain that if left to their own devices they'll be using the money to buy handfuls of balloons, candy, and votes.