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The Politics of Football

Impeachment has been a high stakes ground acquisition game. The Democrats have pit themselves against the President since the day he rode The Trump Tower lobby bound Golden Escalator and announced his candidacy. But, it appears at each turn the President withstands yet another manufactured attempt to take him down.

Before you render your final verdict, you may want to reconsider who you're relying on to tell you the truth. This latest disappointment isn't a coincidence. It isn't a failure of 'the system.' Fifty one United States Senators haven't betrayed the Constitution. These attempts to upend the Trump presidency aren't successful because they are rooted in deception … and you're the one being deceived ... and aiding and abetting the deception. But, your hatred for the man prevents you from even considering the possibility that you're wrong. It's everyone else, right?

Enjoy the Super Bowl.


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