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The Dividing Line - A Retrospective

January is traditionally the month of the President's State of the Union speech. The State of the Union speech delivered by President Obama in January 2010 was ... in my opinion ... the most significant of recent times. Not for its delivery or content ... but for the open declaration of war by the Executive on the other co-equal branches of the government. At the time, I was certain that it would stand as a dividing line in American politics that would test the strength of the republic. The speech was ... in every way ... portentious. In these turbulent times ... I think of it often. I thought I would share my thoughts with you of that day. I think of our present troubles and I largely trace them back to this day, this speech and President Obama.


January 28, 2010: President Barak Obama and Vice President Joe Biden appeared together at a town hall meeting in Tampa today to promote the allocation of $8 billion dollars for the development of a high speed rail system in 13 travel corridors in 31 states in the union. Vice President Biden announced the allocation of $1.2 billion dollars in federal grants to build the high speed rail line from Tampa to Orlando. Once built … Tampa residents will be able to get to Disney World in less than one hour. Disney World … fantasy land … Utopia. It’s comforting to see the smartest boys in the class on the road … again … and that our recent economic difficulties and “jobless recovery” have not cut into their travel and public appearance schedules. But I can appreciate why the boys wanted to get out of Dodge on the taxpayer nickel after the State of the Union address. Throwing down gauntlets (Obama) and tirelessly nodding in unison to subliminally affirm the necessity for doing so (Biden) in order to bring the country to the brink of a Constitutional crisis can be … exhausting. After so adeptly defiling the Constitution … their joint initiation of the construction of a high speed train to fantasy land is understandably … logical.

During the President’s State of the Union address … we got our first glimpse of the specter of a “strong man” in our midst. The President exhibited contempt for the separation of powers … the notion of co-equal branches of government … and in so doing … The United States Constitution. He made clear that he was dissatisfied with the manner in which they use their legislative and judicial authority. He made clear that he intended to achieve his ideological objectives with … or without them … assuring both branches that he could and us that he would. He disingenuously chastised the Supreme Court for its holding in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. He intentionally misrepresented the content and legal effect of the holding in Citizens to discredit the Supreme Court … marginalizing their role as a co-equal branch of our Federal government … and unnecessarily alarming the American public that they were witnessing an episode of “Justices Gone Wild.” I was struck by the picture of the rhetorically embattled Court flanked by The One on high shamelessly … disingenuously … admonishing them … taking full advantage of their quiet dignity, decorum and composure … surrounded from behind by Congress standing in “ovation-on-cue” support of the President’s mischaracterization of the Court’s actions and their implied threat to national security. He then concluded that he would seek legislation that would “fix” the problem the Supreme Court had created rendering them … superfluous. The Congressional “ovation-on-cue” orchestrated to shamelessly confirm the eager complicity of the Legislative and Executive branches to strong arm the Judiciary. Next he assailed Congress. His verbal foot stomp “suggesting” that their failure to promulgate legislation on White House demand would result in his use of the “Executive Order” also rendering them … superfluous. Apparently the President was offended that Congress had failed to man the legislative drive through window at the Capital. He would not be deterred that they had refused to serve it his way.

Finally, he told all of us that despite our tea parties, polls, protests, interim election results, and the remonstrations of the “chattering class” … that if we really understood him and his policy objectives, we’d agree. The problem you see ... is us. He advised us that despite our own conclusions and the expression of our opinion in opposition to his “progressive” social and political agenda … he would not be deterred by our ignorance. He assured us that he knows what’s best for the American people. In his final act of hubris under the guise of unity and notwithstanding his prior disregard for their status as a co-equal branch of government … he “implored” his Congress to join him … notwithstanding the havoc it would wreak with their constituents or regard for their own political fate. Resolute? Tyrannical? I think the latter. He was the gifted orator. He spoke with an alarming Papa Joe paternalism. He joked. He smiled. The Nobel for no reason Rock Star elected without vetting by a fawning media, shielded from the truth of his ideology by the tyranny of political correctness, wielding his “campaign-finance-reform-defiant-war-chest” of $600,000,000.00. The [A]corn has become a mighty oak and the forest is becoming visible through the trees.

Pay attention. We’re all on a high speed rail trip to utopia. Buckle up the conductor wants you to sit back and enjoy the view.

That’s an order ...


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