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Thank you, Adam Schiff

I just wanted to thank the formerly omnipresent ... now missing in action … Adam Schiff and the other House and Senate Democrats for diverting our attention to their phony impeachment nonsense. While the entire country was consumed by their deranged lies, contrafactual and ahistorical recitations of facts, inadmissible hearsay 'evidence', and perversion of legal principles and precedent … there was a pandemic growing in the shadows 'undetected' by a distracted and politically weaponized intelligence community.

To my liberal corrective red wax pencil toting pandemic strategy naysayers … consider keeping your bullshit to yourself. Your histrionics were and continue to be a large part of the distraction. But, I've concluded that that's exactly what you're going for … no matter who it hurts. We see you …


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