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Testing Character

This whole testing mantra of the Democrats is disingenuous. No one. No one is better acquainted with the lag between viral discovery, genomic evaluation, epidemiological studies, and the development of testing modalities than the Democrats, and more particularly, the Obama Administration. Those of us without a Biden impaired memory and Liberal Cognition Affliction, will recall that the Obama H1N1 Pandemic could not and was never actually measured by comprehensive testing of the population. The statistics are predicated upon scientific modeling. Understand, there was a protracted delay in its development and deployment in 2009 and 2010 … without any of the regulatory concessions and measures to expedite deployed by this administration.

Democrats are simply projecting their own failings and unmet challenges … and their panic and hoaxery susceptible followers continue to ignore scientific reality. Don't believe me? Keep reading from that CDC e-bibliography I posted. Take a break from futile preparations ... like standing in line to purchase water* and hoarding hand sanitizer and toilet paper ... and figure it out yourself. ____ *Cities and counties provide water. There is no threat to the water delivery systems like in a hurricane (i.e., roots of toppled trees breaking up pipes and interrupting service, etc.)


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