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Pandemic Public Service Footprint

Do you remember all the ‘citizen leaders’ and career politicians that ran for President during the last two election cycles? Remember hearing how much they cared about America and the American people? Remember being so moved by their rhetoric that you pulled a big wad of sweaty hard earned cash out of your pockets and lined the coffers of their unabashed ambition? Where the hell are they? What is their ‘Public Service Pandemic Footprint’ like? Are they calmly reassuring the American people? Volunteering? Reminding us to comply with the federal, state and local government requests to social distance? Appearing in public service announcements? Writing op-eds? Are they offering to infuse those jealously guarded withheld campaign dollars culled from their ambitiously futile power grabs to fund paychecks, provide food, purchase masks?

I know that some of them are in the House and Senate. Are they visible? Have they adopted a pro-active posture to assure those who provided their time, talent, and treasure to feed their green-eyed ambition monster? Or have they skulked off into unprecedented out of the limelight no longer providing quotes to any reporter who would listen obscurity? I thought so. The most difficult thing in life is to know your place. Not in a class warfare sense … but in a self-awareness sense of place. Understand, you are a means to an end. In your hour of need, where is your 'champion'? The others are in Washington playing piggy pork politics with this public health crisis. Shame on them. Shame on us.

My best advice? Keep your powder dry.

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