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Accent On Credibility

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

It’s not a secret. I’m not a fan of Dr. Fiona Hill. I had made the “mistake” of reading some of the pieces that she had published prior to her testimony … so I was confused by her change in “thinking”. A likely unnecessary “Spoiler Alert” … Dr. Hill has a gift for prosaic condescension whatever the subject. But, it’s not her condescension I find most offensive, it’s her disingenuous scorn, obviously contrived for the purpose of being a prime time impeachment player. In fact, a review of Google images of Dr. Hill evidence that even her appearance underwent a telegenic metamorphosis … and what is it about a British accent that turns Americans into gushing Downton Abbey 'fanboys'? Much of the ‘commentary’ that I encountered on social media talked about her accent … and how credible it made her sound. Apparently, the public heard her. But, were they listening?

Dr. Fiona had been transferred from her Ukraine related post prior to the phone call. She was not involved in the preparation for it. She was not on the line during it. In fact, like all the other Impeachment Inquiry witnesses save one … Dr. Fiona didn’t have any first-hand information about it. I was puzzled by the opinion she expressed concerning the importance of lethal aid and the unconscionability of withholding it for fifty-one (51) days juxtaposed with her February 5, 2015 op-ed opposing the very same type of aid as ‘regionally destabilizing’. But, I am most confused by her now oft quoted conclusion that the Ukrainian Election 2016 narrative was a debunked lie contrary to the reporting at the time notwithstanding the very public statements of Ukrainian government officials, most particularly the op-ed happy Ukrainian Ambassador in Washington, DC and the fact that there has never actually been an investigation of the allegations of Ukrainian election interference.

Notwithstanding, what I found most damning was her having on more than one occasion ‘professed’ a lack of knowledge of significant facts or events that occurred during her Ukrainian service (when it was her business to know) and the sharp contrast created by her over-eager and somewhat studied knowledge of Trump damning facts, events or evidence that had occurred long after she left her post when she was no longer on the needs to know list. It made Dr. Fiona appear an opportunist with a selective memory.

While I have tremendous respect for her Harvard pedigree and her evident mental acuity … I’m not fond of someone trying to mislead me. You shouldn't be, either. No matter how much you like her accent.

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