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McCain and Abel

Remember. The Clinton Campaign Bought and Paid For Democrat Trump Dossier was 'laundered' through Saint John McCain and provided by him to the FBI kicking off the Russian Collusion narrative and national impeachment nightmare. I suspect that it was thin skinned retribution concocted by McCain and Obama for the President's impertinent remarks about both of them. Notwithstanding, the President had plenty of reason to dislike him ... public service ... POW captivity ... 'charming intemperance' ... and five day funeral beatification notwithstanding. I guess that we have all forgotten that some of the biggest problems with the Veterans Administration were in John McCain's home state of Arizona where veterans were dying waiting to see a doctor ... or that Cindy McCain has acknowledged that 'everyone' (and that would include her husband) knew what Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were up to ... but were "powerless" to stop it.

Democrats suddenly revere him and are now willing to posthumously use him once again because it suits their ridiculous purpose. If you don't see through the four years of slanderous Democrat nonsense ... you're the problem.

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