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Masking the Truth

My favorite aspect of the Democrat Neo-Marxist Mask Nazism gripping the country is the glaring cowardice attendant to the tens of thousands of protestors, demonstrators, rioters, looters, and anarchists filling our city streets. It's either a public health crisis that warrants universal mask wearing ... or it isn't. It's remarkable how duplicitous liberals are in excusing the violators who are politically aligned with them. But, this is nothing new. Campaign surveillance. Slander. Sedition. It's all fair game to them because the end always justifies the means. But, only for them.

While I understand, agree with and observe the public mask rules, I also understand that the liberal high dudgeon over those who refuse to bend their knee to their duplicitous faux self righteous tyranny ... is at the heart of public non-compliance. It's time to unmask the clear present danger of Democrat Neo-Marxist ideology and purpose to resoundingly defeat them ... destroy them ... at the polls.

Time is short ... and the malignancy of their thinking appears to be contagious.


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