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Malignant Political Rage

The following is an expression of concern and frustration over and with the last three (3) years of public political … discourse. I think that it’s time to hold a mirror up to some of the faces of THE RESISTANCE. It’s not a good look. I don’t mind disagreement. But, I’m over the manufactured mass hysteria.

Hatred is a malignant cancer infecting our friends, neighbors, colleagues and culture. Hatred literally rots a person from the inside out. Hatred is unhealthy and dangerous to individuals and poses a direct threat to the peace and stability of society at large. Prisons are full of people motivated and consumed by hatred. Cemeteries and morgues are full of their victims. Hatred keeps therapist couches warm, ruins friendships, marriages, childhoods, careers and entire cultures. People consumed by hatred are more likely to self-medicate and suffer from addiction. People who so fully, freely, frequently and proudly acknowledge their hatred are dangerous to themselves and society, at large.

Over the last three years, these people have grown in number without shame. Neither sensitive to nor sensible of the irksome and disturbing nature of their own behavior inappropriately validated by so many who are similarly acting out. We all know a lot of people suffering in this manner.

I know I do.


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