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Justice For All Or 'Just-Us'?

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

It is nearly incomprehensible that we find ourselves in this place. Awash in relentless partisan slander, rancor and sedition with the members of Congress leading the cliff-ward lemming parade. Half our people, the mainstream media, Hollywood, the entrenched federal bureaucracy, the military industrial complex and the United States House of Representatives have been seemingly hijacked by the emotionalism of the “Resistance.” At first, it seemed that a Hunger-Games-inspired dystopian rebellion romanticism was faddishly sweeping the country like the manias surrounding Beanie Babies, Tickle-Me-Elmo and Whacky Packs. But, over time, the movement spoke to a greater underlying malignancy than even I had imagined. The relentless ideation of: physical violence against political opponents; the near Fendi-clutch fashionability of hatred for the President, Republicans, Conservatives, white men, capitalism, western civilization and America … has now come into alarming focus. The quiet, underground machinations of progressivism have wrought a disdain for Constitutional principles and traditional notions of fair play and substantial justice; fostered an appetite for tyranny and Democrat political candidates openly advocating ‘fundamental structural change’, confiscatory health care and taxing policies and no-you-can’t have-a-soda-that-large Big-Brother-Nanny-State-SOCIALISM.

The site of the metastases is the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees currently undertaking consideration of the impeachment of President Trump. It is here that we see the wheels coming off the proverbial wagon. For some time now, the House has irrefutably abandoned Constitutional principles, applicable precedent and even the appearance of fundamental fairness in the conduct of its inquiry. The notion that Impeachment is a political process to which Constitutional principles need not apply relies upon the clumsy rhetoric and ‘disingen-upidity’ of Former President Gerald R. Ford … who was never accused of possessing great intellect. The authority for the removal of a federal officer is found in Article II, Section 4 of the United States Constitution. Understand, Impeachment is and was intended to be in every respect a Constitutional process to which Constitutional principles would and should necessarily apply. The suggestion to the contrary is a courageous act of stupidity. The most important of these principles is the Fifth Amendment guarantee of due process of law. You see, due process is critical to fundamental juridical* fairness. But, evidence of it is nowhere to be found in these proceedings. While it is alarming that our representatives are advocating for it and behaving in abrogation of it … it is most disturbing that most people are neither sensitive to it nor sensible of it. It is due process that guarantees each of us would be treated fairly and equally under the law by giving us notice and fair opportunity to be heard.

If due process does not to apply to Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh or the President of the United States where do you suppose that will leave you when the time comes?


*related to the administration of the law

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