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Gaga for Biden ...

This troubles me on so many different levels. The Biden campaign exploiting a sexual assault survivor for political purposes. A sexual assault survivor (rape victim) allowing herself to be further exploited for political purposes. A famous and culturally powerful sexual assault survivor throwing her popularity and star-power behind a man credibly accused of sexual assault in opposition to a powerless (relatively speaking) woman credibly claiming to have been sexually assaulted. This is particularly disturbing where there are so many video tapes, pictures, a phone call to Larry King Live at the time of the incident by one victim's mother, and witnesses claiming that this particular victim told them about the incident at the time.

The truth is, 'we' are not serious about responsibly dealing with sexual assault, abuse, or the predation that drives them. From the Catholic Church, to the Boy Scouts, to Jeffrey Epstein, to Olympic Gymnastics, to Penn State, to Jeffrey Epstein (did I mention Jeffrey Epstein?) ... we are a society full of open "dirty" secrets. For all the 'good' the #metoo movement may have done, individually, it has proven itself to only be a liberal political tool in the aggregate. No conscience. No shame. No real progress. The only thing that this video proves to me is that Joe Biden and Lady Gaga will justify, say and do anything for political purpose. Her Little Monster Tour continues. It's not a good look.

Understand, none of us are "born this way".

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