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(G)loved One

For years Michael Jackson openly surrounded himself with little boys. He claimed that he as trying to recapture his lost childhood. He adopted a nymph-like asexual high pitched voiced persona to create the illusion of vulnerability and childish harmlessness. He constructed Neverland in homage to Peter Pan and the Lost Boys and surrounded himself with little boys who now claim that they were sexually abused and exploited by Michael. He openly and notoriously conducted sleep overs. He traveled with them. Shared hotel rooms with them. Provided money to their families. Gave the boys expensive gifts. He even acknowledged that they shared his bed. He did this all out in the open. We all knew then ... and we all know now ... that this is not normal behavior. This is grooming behavior and signs of child sexual abuse and exploitation. But, everyone ignored it. Pretended that he was different.

Some still defend him. Buy his records. Even threaten those who come forward with physical harm for pointing out his irregular behavior. Not because they "know" what happened. But, because they are more interested in protecting their idea of Michael Jackson and their love of his music than they are protecting children from sexual abuse and exploitation. These very same types of things happen today ... and for our own selfish reasons (politics) ... we choose to willfully ignore the obvious clinical indications of a problem, and then pretend that we have no part in it ... or don't understand how it could happen.

Everyone ignored what Michael Jackson was doing in plain sight for their our own selfish reasons. Money, power, entertainment, protecting their fond memories of the music and the man. Just like Epstein and many others ... all predators have their protectors. Michael had a lot of them.

Still does.


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