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Eye Scales

My Christian brothers and sisters, the Constitution guarantees each of us substantive and procedural due process of law. There are no Constitutional or jurisprudential exceptions concerning the juridical application of these principles. The notion that the leader of the free world would be the subject of a proceeding designed to reach a determination of guilt or innocence that doesn’t employ them because Gerald Ford once said (after picking himself up from falling down the steps of Air Force One) that it is a “political process” is lawlessly nonsensical. How does it make sense that the President would be denied the very Constitutional protections afforded everyone from small claims court claimants to mass murderers and pedophiles … and how is it possible that in 2020 we just witnessed a wholesale deprivation of those principles contrived to guarantee fundamental fairness play out … unabated … for the last several months on our nickel? I submit that far too many of us suffer from a malignantly blind political rage. It is a bright blindness deceiving those afflicted into believing that they have a vested interest in protecting the corrupt and that there is reason and merit in participating in the reputational persecution and professional prosecution of those who would question it. It is an insidious lawlessness that has taken hold at the highest levels of our government … aided and abetted by the weaponization of tribal partisan emotionalism.

The most powerful weapon in this arsenal is hatred. You see, only hatred is powerful enough to largely supplant sense and reason. Only hatred is powerful enough to blind us to and embrace profligate corruption against our own interests. We are witnessing the perverse alliance of hatred … forged in the bowels of the inside the beltway partisanship … successfully undermining those Constitutional principles designed to protect the natural inalienable rights of all men as ordained by their God. This Cadre of Hatred that darkens the corridors of Capital Hill … belching forth perverted notions of “Constitutionality” and self-interested strategic “fairness” to the applause of their patrons and minions alike, have taken us to a place, heretofore unimaginable, where there is question as to the survival of the republic … the greatest imperfect advocate for and protector of human rights and individual freedoms known to God or man. Did you flinch when I mentioned God? Uh huh. Therein lies the ‘rub’. Understand, this attack on the inalienable rights of man is an attack on and challenge to the existence, power, authority and sovereignty of God. You see, it is God who is central to their offense.

Fundamentally, socialism is antithetical to freedom, faith, truth, justice and God’s sovereignty. It is a challenge to the notion that there is an ordained natural law and that God is responsible for its promulgation and central to our obeisance. Of late, we hear much of the need for “structural change.” Understand, that this is trouble-speak for it’s time to turn away from the principles that govern a free society and place our faith and trust in government. It should now be clear to us all that there have long been games afoot to facilitate this transition. I submit that the election of the current President and his occupation of the office is more than simply an affront to the sensibilities of the professed ‘tolerant’ class. The supernatural quality of the inexhaustible source of their hatred toward him and the inexplicably intractable conduct of those who are perpetually unrestrained in revealing their lack of interest in truth, justice, and principles of freedom … contrary to their own self-interest … speaks to something more sinister.

Understand, that it is the indifference to Him and the Constitutional acknowledgement of His sovereignty from which the principles that protect our dignity and freedom flow … that is central to their offense and the true object of their aggression. Know that “…we are not wrestling with flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but against the despotisms, against the powers, against [the master spirits who are] the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) sphere.” (Ephesians 6:12)


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