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Electoral Revolution 2020

Tired of the "inside the beltway" bullshit? I know that I am. Predictably, the Democrats are playing politics with the Coronavirus stimulus … unable to resist the temptation to take advantage of the crisis and the political 'opportunity' to push through 'legislation' attached to the Coronavirus bill that wouldn't otherwise make its sorry way through Congress. Watch closely. Listen carefully. Draw your own conclusions about culpability and work tirelessly to remove those from office in your district and beyond … that are purposing to put their foot on your throats and their hands in your pockets in this moment to protect their power, position and privilege. Remember, the power lies with the people … and you're a 'people'.

If you can't summon enough indignation and resolve from the gross violation of your rights and the profligate looting of your finances, jobs and/or businesses … you don't deserve the 'freedom' you enjoy. This moment is a clarion call to action. It's time to send Nancy, Chuck and the other bums who have been feeding at the public trough for decades, home for good. Volunteer. Write. Speak. Register to vote. No longer tolerate the bug-eyed serial hoaxery and the chaos that it creates from your "representatives", family, friends, and neighbors. They have led us to this place. Don't forget it … or let it go.

Work to remove them from office like your life and livelihood depend upon it … because they do. #SendTHEMhome #ElectoralRevolution2020


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