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Economic Shaming

I find the social media partisan economic shaming reprehensible. Understand, there are people whose actual survival is tied to their economic survival. They don't have 401(k)'s, stock portfolios, or savings accounts. When you sanctimoniously (and very publicly) proclaim that businesses should remain closed, and people should continue to stay at home (rather than work) because YOU could NEVER put a PRICE on someone's life … you sound spoiled, insensitive, and clueless that you just did.

You see, some people actually NEED to work. This isn't like 'time off' without pay for everyone. The ability to pay for food, rent/mortgage, medical care, is directly tied to working. They don't 'dip into' their savings. It is a matter of life and death survival. So during your 'time off' … you might want to consider working on sympathy, empathy, and getting a big frickin' clue … or becoming more discreet.

Adversity really shows everyone who you are and in some cases … it's just plain embarrassing to watch.

(Sorry. It had to be said.)


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