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Buy-den Ukrainian Corruption

In 2016, Ernst and Young issued its "Corporate Misconduct - Individual Consequences / Global Enforcement Focuses the Spotlight on Executive Integrity" unequivocally identifies Ukraine as one (1) of the top three (3) most corrupt countries IN THE WORLD. The study showed that 100% of the Ukrainians polled believed that their law enforcement authorities would refuse to prosecute corruption and/or enforce their anti-corruption laws. Sixty nine percent (69%) of the Ukrainians participating in the study acknowledged having themselves BRIBED a government official in the prior twelve (12) months.

The President's concern about Ukrainian corruption and its attempt to influence Election 2016 are well founded. Discussion of corruption in the context of foreign aid was his legal duty and moral obligation as the head of the Executive Branch ... constitutionally charged with the enforcement of our law(s) and conductor-in-chief of American foreign policy. It is clear that American politicians and politically prominent American families have been drawn to Ukrainian payoff possibilities like flies to a warm steaming pile. Only a foaming at the mouth rabid partisan would defend Joe Biden's threat to withhold foreign aid if the prosecutor investigating Burisma ... A COMPANY PAYING HIS SON $80,000.00 PER MONTH ... wasn't fired and could say with a straight face mouth that "this" is about the call … not about Biden corruption.

The rest of us not under this partisan Resistance cultic spell should take careful notice that Democrats will accept, rationalize, defend and foment any level of extra-constitutional corruption and violence to sensibility necessary to economically and reputationally destroy anyone who challenges the multicultural globalist agenda and the now apparent bureaucratic hegemony that inexorably promotes it … notwithstanding the will of the people.

Be very afraid …


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