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Zero Interest

The most crucial piece of information in combatting a pandemic is the identity of “Patient Zero.” Patient zero is the first person to be infected by a particular pathogen. It is the sophistication of genetic analysis that allows us to trace the source of the virus and identifies the manner in which a particular pathogen transitions from a zoonotic source to a human subject. This information provides the key to slowing or preventing the spread through the development of therapeutics and vaccines. But, there has been an astonishing lack of curiosity about … and from-the-first-day-palpable-defensiveness concerning the identity of and lack of search for Patient Zero. It is this astonishing lack of interest in the origin of the virus … and more particularly Patient Zero … that has resulted in little pressure having been brought to bear on the Chinese government to be more transparent about the origin, lineage, and spread of the virus.

It is undeniable that it has been the complicity of the American government and its lapdog fixer-facilitator “the press” … and the irrationally weaponized emotions of progressives … who have assisted in the spread of the pangolin-in-the-shadow-of-the-virology-lab-market-lie purposing to destroy anyone who dared to use their common sense and reason to see the truth about the conduct of and funding sources facilitating Wuhan Virology’s gain of function research. Understand, it is this contrived bright blindness concerning Patient Zero that has cost millions of lives and is responsible for global economic carnage. #blueintheface #FMG



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