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Zero Interest

Only now are we hearing about the necessity for searching for Patient Zero. Patient Zero is the first human virus patient. It is important to find this person because they hold the key to understanding how the virus jumped from the zoonotic source to humans. This information plays an integral … if not essential … roll in the development of a vaccine, therapeutics, and preventing future outbreaks. But, we haven't been talking about it. The UN and world community haven't demanded it. Why is that?

This inexplicable bright blindness is … for me … indicative of an unspoken understanding that it was the lab and possibly bioengineered. Consider the fact that China didn't initially allow Wuhan citizens or visitors to travel to other cities in China. But, they did allow travel to other cities across the globe from Wuhan. In other words, the CCP intentionally allowed for the spread elsewhere while they were buying up the masks and PPE's.

This was intentional.

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