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Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

As a Floridian, it's so gratifying to have so many people so concerned about the State of Florida. (Sarcasm alert!) Let me help you out here. Unless you understand the epidemiological principles attendant to the pandemic cycle like velocity of community spread, Infection Mortality Rate, and Herd Immunity Threshold ... you couldn't possibly understand what is going on in Florida. Much of the discussion is purely political. Understand, there are 25 million Floridians. We have had 4,257 deaths. We protected our seniors and most vulnerable, and are trying to balance concerns about the clinical manifestations of the pandemic, the viability of our economy, and the education of our children against the backdrop of protecting our civil rights. Notwithstanding, all the negative attention ... we've actually done a very good job balancing those concerns.

Understand, what you are witnessing is Florida's move toward its Herd Immunity Threshold. Hospitalizations are steady ... there is hospital capacity ... and most importantly ... our death rate remains low. As determined by the New York Times, a large percentage of hospital CoVid-19 cases (particularly in Miami) are the result of hospital admissions for other reasons (i.e., elective procedure) and testing asymptomatically positive at admission. Nonetheless, it is counted as a CoVid-19 hospitalization.

Very little these days is as it seems.

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