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What about the Kurds?

When President Obama precipitously withdrew from Iraq in 2011 … were you equally concerned for the well being of the Kurds? The President has told Turkish President Erdogan that if he harms the Kurds he will economically destroy his country. He reiterated it live this afternoon during a press conference. Our trade relationship and foreign aid to Turkey is collectively worth north of $50,000,000,000.00. There is no question that it will also jeopardize their NATO standing. Understand, there are factions of the Kurds that have been warring with Turkey and their neighbors for centuries. CENTURIES. Should we babysit them until the end of time … or step out of their conflict and let them resolve it while protecting the Kurdish factions that are our allies? I say we should do the latter.

You see, I'm selfish. My son just registered for the draft on his eighteenth birthday. I'm not willing to sacrifice my son to referee the centuries old maniacally pathological irreconcilable theological and ethnic differences of this group genocidal Middle Eastern maniacs. I voted for the President because I want an end to perpetual war and the spilling of the blood of our sons. I applaud the withdrawal and expect him to make good on his promise to destroy the Turkish economy if they slaughter our Kurdish allies.

As for the politicians ... it's time to put an end to their foreign aid money laundering schemes.


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