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"What About Me?!"

A man, who apparently knew he was infected with CoVid-19, boarded a Jet Blue plane at New York's Kennedy Airport, and flew to West Palm Beach, Florida where he was intercepted. The other passengers on the plane were 'cleared' (whatever that means) and released into the community. If the passenger knew he was infected and boarded the plane to meet a personal objective, notwithstanding, it would be just another example of the ridiculously self centered insensitivity to the implications of risky behavior that is exhibited on a daily basis in the face of influenza and other known and unknown viral and bacterial infections.

We live in a culture where people report to work, attend school, kiss babies, and visit friends with compromised immune systems, while they themselves suffer from a variety of unknown viral and bacterial infections, neither sensible of nor sensitive to the danger they pose to those around them. It appears that their only concern is themselves. An anointed teacher from whom I receive Biblical instruction characterizes the human condition as a robotic litany of "What about me? What about me? What about me?

Uh huh. What about you?

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