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Warren Suspension

I watched Elizabeth Warren's suspension speech during my lunch hour. If she had been this authentic during her campaign, she would not have been suspending today. While I'm relieved that she's out, I am disappointed about the loss of what might have been. Elizabeth is one of the brightest public servants today. She cared enough to have a plan. I liked that … even though I didn't much care for many of her plans. She is quick on her feet and was built for the campaign trail. I think that for the most part she was sincere. But, Elizabeth didn't trust herself or us to let us really know her. She adopted a variety of poses and told us stories about who she is that were verifiably untrue. It compromised the electorate's trust in her and justifiably made her the easy target for the slings and arrows of her opposition.

At the end of her press conference today I asked myself aloud … "where has she been all this time?"


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