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Veteran Health Care

Veteran Health Care: Democrats complain that the President hasn’t improved health care delivery systems. That is a lie. Thanks to the fulfillment of President Trump’s campaign promise, the largest revolutionary transformation in veterans' health care since the end of World War II has come to pass during his Administration known as The Mission Act (“Act”). The Act has and will continue to change the lives of millions of veterans for years to come. The Act reflects the President's vision putting veterans at the center of their health care decisions. The Act empowers veterans to select services based on need, location and wait time and allows veterans to use non-VA service providers in their own communities … a boon to rural veterans who found themselves travelling long distances to receive health care. But, the Act is much more than just an "extension" of the Choice program enacted under President Obama’s temporary temporary, narrow and incomplete legislative band-aid. The MISSION Act is permanent and puts a broader cross-section of veterans in greater control of their health care decision-making. The Act creates a long awaited urgent care benefit giving them access to localized treatment for things like influenza.

The Act allows the VA to do what all other major healthcare systems can ... refer patients to outside network care when needed. Despite Washington’s long, miserable history of “bungling the implementation of major new programs and forgetting that it has the power to positively affect the lives of millions of Americans” … the Trump Administration’s implementation of the Act has served as an example of real, deliverable reform. Democrats say that the President doesn't care about the American people and that he only serves his own interests. That is another deranged Democrat lie.

The President pledged to take care of our veterans ... and he has done just that.

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