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Vac-Seen. But, Not Heard.

Those of us without cud-chewing-cloven-hoof … burdened by functional neurons … have some questions about the vaccine. But, like all things viewed through the twisted absolutist prism of liberal dogma we’re not allowed to ask because we simply aren’t entitled to the answers. In today’s crazy town liberal echo chamber, intellectual curiosity is an act of heresy. To attempt to critically discuss and evaluate the ‘science’ is now … in the fist-shaking-forehead-vein-throbbing liberal CoVid-19 vernacular … “anti-science.” At the root of the replacement of cognitive thought with sloganeering-lock-step-scientism is the progressive confusion over the difference between critical thinking and criticism … and their indifference to the notion that at the root of our freedoms is the right to think for and express ourselves without permission from Chelsea Handler, the Biden Crime Family or Mark Zuckerburg.

This week we’ve seen immeasurable ‘understanding’ and praise of and for people who bravely carry on with the indescribable scourge of ‘dry eye’ and ‘the Twisties.’ But, people with diagnosable autoimmune disorders … sometimes more than one … are derided as vectors of viral plague when they express their authentic concerns about the exclusion of "people like them" from any of the clinical trials and/or independent studies. Their legitimate reluctance to place their health and trust in the sovereign immunity of the United States government and liability-free-pharma is attacked as recklessly irrational by those who spent the last four years vomiting their conservative revenge ideation while wearing vagina shaped hats and insisting that the President of the United States was a Russian spy.

My mother taught me at a young age that if you want people to trust you … you have to be trustworthy. Even in the small things. Understand, vaccine hesitancy is about a lack of trust in our leaders and our institutions. Censoring the inquisitive, refusing to discuss the science, and target-punishing the unvaccinated only contributes to the problem and confirms their suspicions.



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