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Unmasking ... Not Unmasking

Conservative, Republican and libertarian friends, I think I now understand why Democrats, liberals and progressives seem to care so little about the illegal unmasking, spying and leaking ... because there are not an insignificant number who think the illegal behavior is fine. If your Facebook feed is like mine today ... it is full of 'news' stories about people not wearing masks or gathering in inappropriately large or close crowds calling them 'science deniers' and 'science rejecters'. One local newspaper published photographs of what they purport to be the current situation ... unmasked diners and drinkers not social distancing. The picture is taken from a distant bridge toward the restaurant. The figures are virtually indistinguishable. The inflammatory 'article' states that this 'dangerous' behavior is taking place in the face of escalating death and infection rates. The restaurant is located in Broward County where it has been reported that no one died of the virus yesterday and that there were five (5) new cases.

My stomach turns with each post of a friend ratting on their neighbors, beach goers, and restaurant diners. While I think people should observe the guidance issued by state and local governments regarding proximity and wearing masks ... I think the literal police state evolving with citizen participation is nothing short of alarming. Don't simply dismiss this as more ridiculously nonsensical behavior. It's tyranny cloaked in concerns about public safety, wrapped in daily changing 'Simon-Says-Science' heralded by dog whistle.

They're silent about Governor Cuomo returning CoVid-19 positive patients to nursing homes ... sentencing unwitting residents to their death. But, they're screaming to the sky, gathering, and publishing pictorial evidence of 'science deniers' in bathing suits drinking margaritas outside standing too close together or families sitting together on the beach.

Be careful out there ... it's you they hate and they're willing to destroy you, the country and themselves for the cause.

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