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Unity Flashback 01/03/2017

Democrat Unity Flashback 01/03/2017: Even before the inauguration, the Left purposed to derail Trump's Cabinet Member nominees with unfounded cries of 'racism.' This would be an accusation continually made notwithstanding all evidence to the contrary. This was about the time that the Left was accusing the President Elect of being a Hitlerian anti-Semite ... despite his Jewish daughter and most trusted advisor Jewish son-in-law and Jewish grandchildren.

Notwithstanding Israel's later acknowledgement that President Trump has been the greatest friend that it has ever had in an American President, defeat of the Caliphate, the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem fulfilling a longstanding multi-prior-administration promise and the multiple peace deals forged between Israel and an number of Arab nations ... die hard-reflexive head-knodding-liberals still nonsensically use this as their favorite 'go-to.'

Hatred makes you stupid.



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