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"Uncivil War"

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Yesterday, during his inaugural address, Joe called for an end to the 'uncivil war' in this country. After firing the first shots in 2016 and waging all out war on the President and conservatives for the intervening four (4) years ... Democrats have decided that now it's time to 'come together' while at the same time silencing conservative speech through Big Tech and Legacy Media censorship, threatening cancellation of conservatives, conducting boycotts of conservative businesses and mouthing liberal thought leader talking points about struggle sessions, mandatory public mea culpas, and 'conservative reprogramming.' Their calls aren't for 'unity' ... they are for unconditional surrender while flipping conservatives the bird.

I'm reconciled to offering Joe the same courtesies offered me as a conservative over the last four (4) years ... notwithstanding the publicly menacing message sending dictator's wet dream protestor free inauguration attended by military forces numbering in excess of 25,000 and a select group of elite politicians and celebrity supporters ... under the guise of "threats" and CoVid.

Sorry, Joe-mala. We see you. #blueintheface #beingfrank #fmg


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