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Tyrannical CoVid-ity

We have purposed to follow the CoVid-19 Guidelines established by the federal, state, and local governments. For most of the stay-at-home period we have even had our groceries delivered. But, I understand why many people are rebelling against some of the more draconian and senseless measures restricting their basic freedoms. As a small business owner, I understand that government at all levels is inequitably picking winners and losers and that the small-small business owners and their employees are bearing the brunt of the economic restrictions.

In many places it is clear that our leaders ... as one said (paraphrasing) ... aren't considering the Constitution and its Bill of Rights when crafting pandemic public policy. These restrictions have even included censorship of discussion about the virus. What's worse, many of our friends and neighbors are okay with this. Both groups stand as examples of the contrived failure of our public schools ... and the growing appetite for liberal tyranny.

If you're concerned ... you're not wrong. If you aren't concerned ... you're part of the problem. The real danger to public health is the growing tyranny and its acceptance. Simon-says start thinking for yourself ...


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