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Turning The Tables ...

Ummm … The Temple Table Turning Incident that drove the moneychangers from the Temple wasn't an indictment of commerce. Under the sacrificial system, atonement for sin was through the blood sacrifice of a perfect Temple offering to God. Due to the various dispersions of Jews throughout distant lands, people came from near and far to atone for their sin and worship in the Temple of God. Along the route near and in the Temple portico, vendors would sell lambs and other animals to the travelers to offer as their sacrifice. Often, those travelers bought and sold using a variety of currencies. It came to pass that there were those who would exchange the money for the currency of Jerusalem. They would often charge exorbitant transaction fees. Jesus ran them out of the Temple … not because they were engaging in commerce … but, because they were capitalizing on, exploiting, and creating impediments to the atonement of sin and interfering in the penitent’s relationship with God. He also understood that He would serve as the ultimate blood sacrifice that would obviate the old sacrificial system. He was telling us that "this was no longer necessary" and that those who are exploiting it have no place in His Father's house.

The Temple Table Turning Incident wasn’t a 'from the top' spiritual indictment of commerce. It was a statement about those who obstructed, exploited, and/or interfered in anyone’s relationship with God.

Those who seek to politically exploit it now should sit up and take notice.

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