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Truth is Contagious

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen

Morning update: What is going on with PBC?? A spike in deaths in our county to 20 (likely reflecting catch up from this weekend). This is the highest number since May 21 and the death rate in the county has risen a bit. With that number removed, deaths in the state were pretty much in line with what we've come to expect daily. Death rates still falling in Broward and Dade. So, we turn to hospitalizations. We can all argue about the raw numbers but the delta (adm-disch) to me, still appears to be declining in Dade, rising in Broward and stable in PBC. The hospital situation in Broward I would propose (without any specific numbers provided by the hospitals themselves) may be getting a bit dicey. Even though deaths are still low in the county, I suspect county officials will have to make a tough decision about venues of public aggregation. Dade, to me, still seems to be in reasonable shape and I couldn't argue one way or the other in regards to closures. I personally wish they'd "tough this out" and see if numbers start to decline in the absence of closures though. Palm Beach County is in good shape thus far with stable deltas (predicted). I am hopeful that all three of our counties have excess capacity available on a few days notice and from what little data I can see....the extra capacity is there. Ergo, keep things open!!!


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