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Healthcare: Democrats claim that the Trump Administration doesn't have a plan and hasn't addressed issues attendant to the cost and administration of healthcare. But, that's not true. In addition to those legislative accomplishments enumerated in a previous post, the Trump FDA has approved more affordable generic therapeutic drugs than ever before in history and with the promulgation and signature of Right-To-Try legislation, Americans have more affordable pharmaceutical options and terminally ill patients now have access to experimental drugs and treatment modalities that weren't previously accessible to them under the law and public policy of past Administrations. Additionally, the Trump Administration has reformed Medicare to stop hospitals from overcharging low-income seniors on their drugs—saving seniors 100’s of millions of dollars this year alone. But, the Administration's efforts have not been limited to making drugs less costly and more widely available, the Trump Administration secured $6 billion in new funding to fight the opioid epidemic. Fighting addiction is a personal matter for the President having lost a beloved brother to alcoholism.

This is what compassionate leadership ... and compassionate Conservativism ... looks like. Democrats say that the President is only interested and working to enrich himself. That simply is not true. Many of those Democrats have actually ... conspicuously ... and unaccountably ... become multi-millionaires on their public servant's stipend. In addition to his obvious and tireless efforts on behalf of the American people ... the President accepts no compensation ... incrementally donating his $400,000.00 paycheck to a variety of charitable causes and the funding of government programs.

The President works hard for the American people. The Democrats work hard at seditiously undermining, defaming, and interfering with those efforts on our behalf. The greatest threat to the republic ... is the deranged lies of the Democrat party and their mainstream media propagandist co-conspirators.

No lie.

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