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Throwing Up

We are witnessing the destructive liberal celebritization process in motion. Liberals think they see daylight between the President and Dr. Fauci. They elevate him as an untouchable public servant hero (notwithstanding his repeated catastrophic miscalculations and errors) and pit him against the President. They stroke his ego. He starts making the celebrity rounds ... like throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game. In typical form ... ego trumps good judgment ... and he takes the bait. The anticipatory buzz is that not only is Fauci a public servant hero genius but he was an accomplished stud athlete, as well. The anticipation of his pitching mound debut leaves liberals school girl crush breathless.

The worst of it is that Fauci takes the bait. Like a moth to the flame, he accepts the invite despite the fact that he knows that he shouldn't go and that he can't throw. A smarter man who has been advocating avoiding public gatherings would have declined the invite ... set the right example and kept the fact that he can't throw a secret. Instead, he accepts the invite. Violates his own advice and embarrasses himself providing liberals another opportunity to do what they do best ... intimidate us all into fawning over and lauding the appearance of their proud public servant hero genius.


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