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The Silent Majority

Over the last three plus years, Conservatives have spent a lot of time hearing about how dangerously ridiculous we are from the mainstream media and our liberal friends, neighbors and colleagues. It’s time to step out of the shadows. It's time for some honesty. It’s time to speak up. It’s time to speak out against this insidious hate. I’m not certain when it became fashionable to proudly, openly and notoriously profess your hatred for anything or anyone. Hate is corrosive. Rampant hate rots a civilization from the inside out. In this current climate, there is rampant rotting in progress … and pervasive fear. I often hear, “I agree with what you.” “I like the videos.” “I’m not able to “like” or “share” because I’m concerned about retaliation.” I suspect that right about now, liberals are proudly smiling, because their emotional and economic tyranny is working in some measure. But, the rest of us, who respect our friends, neighbors and colleagues, and are concerned about the survival of the republic, are profoundly sad that we find ourselves in a place where taking social and economic hostages is acceptable. It’s not healthy for our relationships, our society or the body-politic.

Students of history will recognize and understand these tactics and their implications. This is how freedom devolves into tyranny. Reflexively, I reject statements contrived to pressure and induce conformity like “we all think” … or “on Tuesdays, we wear pink”* … and the people who make them. I suspect that it is that need to belong that drives others to succumb to the pressure and embrace groupthink. But, I implore my Conservative friends to know and understand that they are part of a group, and that if they require it, there is safety and comfort in our numbers. You see, the best kept secret is the existence of a Conservative Silent Majority (“CSM”). Until recently, the CSM has been (disappointingly) silent. But, that’s changing, and I’m encouraging you to change your thinking and personal practices, as well.

Frankcasting Media Group, LLC (“FMG”) was formed to be one of the vehicles to facilitate and curate this awakening. Understand, this is about truth in pursuit of ‘evolution’ not ‘revolution.’

This awakening starts with two simple words … “I disagree.” Use them when they apply. Understand, you’re in no danger of anyone asking you anything further. The simple

declaration will send them packing. You see, their ideology is about conformity. It isn’t about character, or truth, or thinking for themselves. It’s about sound bites, being trendy, and running with the “in” crowd. It's about fist shaking. Hat wearing and posing for pictures no one is taking. I’m encouraging you to step up, step out, declare yourself and walk away. No argument. No fear. Just truth.

Become part of Inter-friend-tion 2020. Join us. We've only just begun ...


*Mean Girls, Paramount Pictures (2004).


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