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The Politics of Predation

No self-aware person with functional neurons would suggest that the Democrat party 'struggles' with questions of morality ... or that their amoral political posturing is actually a form of 'utilitarian morality'. But, you will find such a woman ... and many others like her I'm afraid ... that will brazenly acknowledge that their candidate is a sexual predator ... but they will ignore that for the 'good of the order', here. Just when you thought progressive politics could sink no lower.

But, the truth is that #metoo isn't about empowerment ... it is and was a political pose. Nothing more. Understand and witness that sexual carnivores and their supporters are alive, well, and freely roaming among us. They rape little boys in church sacristies, fondle them in Boy Scout Jamboree tents, and perform oral sex on them in teacher break rooms. They sexualize little girls with pageantry fame, fondle them on the balance beam, and trade them amongst themselves like baseball cards and the truth is ... people don't care. We are a society that cares more about 'fact checking' Facebook commentary than eliminating child pornography.

Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz who always had the power to go home, we have been able ... but refuse ... to stop 'this'. We ignore the signs ... pretend "we didn't know" ... and when we can't ignore them any more we construct an apologetic like this nonsense, suggesting that sacrificing our own morality is a utilitarian moral choice. We lack the societal resolve because we are a God-less band of slanderous sexually compulsive carnivores who entertains itself with and largely ignores the misery of others.

To date, I have posted approximately 80 pictures of Joe Biden violating the boundaries of women, little girls, little boys, and men to my Facebook page.* Just the picture. No commentary. They have understandably frustrated and 'offended' many people for many different reasons. To my point, here, that offense has been manifest against me. That I am the problem. That I need to stop. That I am making people uncomfortable. Overlooking the obvious. 'Forgiving' the perpetrator. Lashing out at and pressuring the person bringing his predatory behavior to public attention to shut up. It's textbook. It's amoral. It's pathetic ... and it won't work. Let me help you out. That discomfort you're feeling has nothing to do with me. It's your conscience.

It's the same old story. All predators have their protectors. Your vote will identify whether you are one of them or not. Choose wisely. But, do us all a favor and skip the twisted moral reasoning. We see you and the other practitioners of the politics of predation.


*there will be many more. Don't send me any private messages on the subject. Objection noted.


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