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The Path to Socialism

Watching? Listening? On the heels of the circulation of the statement by Christine Blasey Ford’s attorney about her underlying political motive to protect Roe v. Wade … the Left has produced the next Clintonista willing to fall on his own sword … DC political attorney operative, Max Stier. The NYT published the latest "excerpt from a book" allegations over the weekend and followed up today with a "by-the-way" editorial 'corrective' notation that the alleged victim had no idea what Stier was talking about. There are, of course, no other witnesses. The ‘story’ basically amounts to my friend’s sister knows a guy who heard that …

What has ensued is mass liberal hyperventilating and a bug-eyed firestorm of Democrat presidential candidates calling for Justice Kavanaugh’s investigation, resignation and impeachment. But, this is only the latest Liberal strategic attempt to unduly influence, threaten and discredit the Court. In order to transition to socialism … progressives must undermine the credibility and stability of the three branches of government. Congressional inefficacy isn’t an accident. Efforts to undermine the rule of law is a direct attack on the Executive Branch. You see, Socialism can’t survive under a system where power is decentralized and subject to checks and balances.

Are you beginning to understand just how far progressives are willing to go to impose their vision for America on the rest of us? Toppling a President. The political weaponization of Intelligence. Undermining foreign policy. Threatening the Supreme Court. Climat-ageddon. Gun confiscation … “hell yeah!” Undermining checks and balances. All in the rush to Socialism.

The real question is … how much longer will you sit silently and watch the situation continue to deteriorate?


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