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The Illusion of Tolerance

Apparently, the President praised Henry Ford on his trip to Michigan faux-ffending the hyper-delusional Trump is a Nazi crowd who repeatedly forgets / overlooks the consequential fact that the President's daughter (Ivanka), trusted advisor son-in-law (Jared), and grandchildren, among any number of his most trusted advisor cabinet members are Jews. They also "forget" that the President has been widely praised and celebrated as Israel's greatest friend in an American President ... ever. The most idiotic and ironic part of it is that Democrats ... while pretending to be friends of Israel and Jews ... largely and unapologetically support the Palestinians (whose charter calls for destruction of the Jewish state) and are the largest proponents of American university campus antisemitism ... the BDS Movement which has been decried by the President. They harbor among them and vociferously defend the Four Horsewomen of the Legislative Apocalypse who habitually spew REAL anti-semitic statements and exhibit REAL anti-semitic behavior. Their protests here are nothing more than the tears of crocodiles behind the smile of a dog.

The President likely didn't know that Henry Ford was an anti-semite. I know that I didn't. Does that make everyone who owns a Ford or lauds the product a bigot? But, now that he knows, he should apologize for the remark which could and would be construed as offensive while reminding us all that he could never and would never intentionally slight Israel, the Jewish state. But, most importantly, that he would never slight his daughter, son-in-law, grandchildren and trusted advisors. Everyone with functional neurons should know that ... but, in this time where deranged accusation is the order of the day. Here we are ... yet, again.

Russian Spy? Hitlerian Nazi? Just remember who told you that you couldn't and shouldn't leave your house beyond flattening the curve, go to Church, and/or buy flowers and cucumber seeds during the pandemic. We know who the real tyrants are. They falsely accuse. Deny due process. Convict by accusation. Censor. Threaten. Selectively protest. Express violent ideation against their opponents. Advocate for and seek the denial of the free exercise of Constitutional rights. Ignore sexual predation when it suits them. It's the Democrats.* They are the enemies of free speech, thought, and association. They seek to derail their countrymen by spewing lies and hiding behind the tyranny of the Intelligence Community. They are singularly motivated by their hatred for one man and are willing to destroy their country because they hate their President. They are projectors of their own malfeasance. Their tolerance is an illusion. Nothing more.

Understand, we see you. ____________________ *While this is not without exception, I have not seen any of the people who supported the Impeachment Witch Hunt apologize in the wake of the findings of the various investigations proving them wrong.


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