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The Fourth Day

It is the fourth day of 'Corrupt-mas'. The fourth day brings "The Flipping of the Birds". This is the day where progressives acknowledge all the breaches in ethics and the law that they have gotten away with for the prior year. It's a day that solemnly commemorates Saint Hillary's deletion of 30,000 sacred emails (known as "The Screeds of Incrimination") to avoid the scrutiny of the "Congressional High Inquisitors" and persecution by the application of the law. Progressives commemorate the day by deleting their incriminating emails from the prior year while singing "White Hard Drive".

Once post deletion fellowship has been completed … the faithful pilgrimage to Time Square for the responsorial psalmic recitation of "The Holy Talking Points" led by High Priests and Priestess(es) of Bullshit, Chris Cuomo, Rachel Maddow, Brian Stelter, Brian Williams, Trevor Noah, Don Lemon, Alison Camorata, Jim Acosta, and Dana Bash. This year I understand that there will special appearances by "Black Diamon Deceptors", Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer ... and no recitation of "The Holy Talking Points would be complete without the appearance of Schiff-ty Claus!!!


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